Our Team

“Andre and Ross have assembled a world-class stable of talent. They push our thinking and creativity to new heights, transforming us personally and professionally, in spirited and innovative ways.” ~ Leeann Jarman, Director Talent Innovation, ATB Financial Read More

Our Story

Senior team misalignment. Eroding topline results. Unclear strategic direction. Unacceptable turnover. Lack of accountability. Business units as silos. Conflicting enterprise cultures. These are symptoms of much deeper problems within organizations – problems that leave untold revenue on the table in missed [ … ] Read More

Creative and Sustainable Enterprise™

Catalyst for creative and sustainable enterprise has been our tag line from the beginning. Catalyst is readily defined: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. Creative and sustainable enterprise is somewhat more complex. This model is a blueprint, [ … ] Read More

Essential Elements of Leadership™

Leadership is our soapbox. It’s the first place we look when a problem needs to be solved. It’s also amorphous, context-specific, and hard to define. But if you can’t describe it, you can’t build it. So this is our definition: the [ … ] Read More