Our Story

replica watches and offering landing 3 IMG_1871Senior team misalignment. Eroding topline results. Unclear strategic direction. Unacceptable turnover. Lack of accountability. Business units as silos. Conflicting enterprise cultures.

These are symptoms of much deeper problems within organizations – problems that leave untold revenue on the table in missed opportunities, squandered resources, and unrealized potential. Problems that are rampant in industry, and spreading like a virus without a cure.

Tracking this disturbing trend, we realized that where others saw symptoms of the malaise, we were able to see solutions. Clearly. Repeatedly.

As we dug deeper, we discovered that our team’s rich and varied experience in business, organizational learning, and creative process equipped us with a unique blend of skills that could get organizations unstuck, turn them around, and move them forward quickly and effectively.

That’s why we decided to launch The Next Institute – putting our specialized expertise to work helping enterprise learn to close the gap between organizational performance and human potential, to move beyond what is and realize what is possible.

Over the years that followed, we worked in close, long-term relationship with companies of varying size, sector, age, and structure, tapping our expertise and experience to help these organizations. Collaborating with clients across the continent, we focused on three things:

  • we created a scalable design process called Continuous Value Creation™ to help senior teams and other leaders design the preferred future, setting direction for business unit or enterprise.
  • we worked with enterprise leaders to build alignment to that preferred future, alignment being the key to release momentum. This often included senior team work as well as individual executive coaching; sometimes it meant facilitating a change in team makeup.
  • we helped pivotal leaders across the enterprise to build leadership capacity, equipping them with the skills and expertise they would need to move forward in alignment, execute, create new value, and realize the preferred future.

As a result of this critical work – designing and realizing the preferred future – we’ve helped our clients to soar beyond business as usual, expanding vision, profit, and impact farther than had once seemed possible. (The details are private, but real-life glimpses can be found here.)

Our clients share a passion for leadership excellence starting at the most senior levels. All are served by innovative human resource teams. Proud of their stories to date, they are keen for the next iteration. It’s exciting work. We hope you’ll be part of it.

The Next Institute delivers a refreshingly unique commodity in today’s world of leadership expertise. This team is one of a kind, pushing the creative process to new heights in a way that you are always left wanting more. They took innovative concepts and linked them directly to our business, our leaders, and our culture. The impact on our leadership team and our business was notable. The Next Institute delivers on their promise time and again and what they do just works: brilliantly simple and wickedly wise. Two incredibly talented individuals backed by a team of gifted experts – The Next Institute is the real deal and they do not disappoint.

~ Sue Voigt, former VP of Leadership, ATB Financial