Our Team

“Andre and Ross have assembled a world-class stable of talent. They push our thinking and creativity to new heights, transforming us personally and professionally, in spirited and innovative ways.”

~ Leeann Jarman, Director Talent Innovation, ATB Financial

Ross Gilchrist, Co-Founder & Partner

Leader / Value Creation and Design

Ross Gilchrist has an extraordinary eye for talent and design, and he loves to get results. Whether leading or advising a senior team, Ross will always find the route to maximize leadership contribution, as he drives for sustainable competitive advantage. He is a direct and dynamic facilitator, rigorous about the right process and eager for the unexpected.

Ross’ business expertise runs deep. As a young executive with international insurance conglomerate Paul Revere (today part of RBC Insurance), he led the Canadian brokerage division, encompassing thousands of independent insurance brokers and advisors. Bringing forward his experience as a competitive athlete and a corporate leader, he was at the vanguard of executive coaching, initially as The Strategic Coach for the Pacific Northwest. He inaugurated the position of Chief Coaching Officer at TWC Financial (today part of Manulife Securities), which became the largest independent, fully integrated financial services company in Canada. He is a seasoned practitioner of strategic advantage, value creation, and organizational transformation.

Whether he’s connecting with a senior leader, a local entrepreneur, or his sons, Ross has a unique capacity for recognizing the talent in others, and for moving that talent into action. He is a rock-and-roll drummer with a love of style and a well-curated wardrobe. A seeker who knows the power of living on purpose, Ross appreciates the ocean view from downtown Vancouver, where he and partner Janet Alford make their home.

Andre Mamprin, Co-Founder & Partner

Leader / Knowledge Architecture

Andre Mamprin is a bold architect of leadership learning, and he loves to distill big ideas. He is a visual thinker who will always see the pattern; his ability to sketch a decision as it unfolds has brought immediate clarity to hundreds of senior leaders. Smart, experienced, and charming, Andre is highly persuasive as he names the elephant in the room.

For five years, Andre was the Director of Leadership Development at The Banff Centre, where he renewed the entire suite of programming, developed a wide range of industry clients, and co-created The Leadership Lab™ to explore global leadership issues. Earlier in his career, Andre led a team of skilled consulting practitioners at the Business Development Bank of Canada. Diverse clients were consistently focused on growth, lean manufacturing, and export. Andre is a value creator whose natural state is entrepreneur – over the years he has developed, operated, and sold businesses in oil and gas, manufacturing, and the knowledge sector. An analytic who loves context and the bigger picture, he holds an MA in Leadership and Knowledge Management from the University of Calgary.

Stronger leaders make stronger organizations make a stronger world. For Andre, this is a matter of both personal and global urgency. He is an avid collector, intensely curious, and he makes the perfect martini. A seasoned traveler with a deep loyalty to place, Andre appreciates the rolling foothills in northwest Calgary, where he and partner Patricia Glenn make their home.

Janet Alford, Partner

Leader / Brand Values and Communication

Janet Alford is a forthright and compelling communicator, and she loves the articulate.  In a business of ideas and influence, Janet seeks impact through clarity. Passionate about value creation and intolerant of waste, she is attentive to the moments of opportunity.  A matrix thinker, she orchestrates a range of inputs to facilitate success in those moments.

Janet has served as the written voice of the The Next Institute since its founding.  She is a seasoned communications coach, who has developed elegant articulation in a wide range of professional speakers and entrepreneurs.   Her focus includes keynote presentations, front-of-the-room facilitation, congruent marketing, and books.  She is a professional editor, and a former political science instructor at Mount Royal College.  Janet’s career began with ten years of corporate sales and sales management at Telus, where she was a national award-winning sales leader.  A committed and curious citizen, she holds a BA (first-class honours) and an MA in Political Science from the University of Calgary.

Message intended equals message offered equals message received.  For Janet, this is the key to success in human connection, and a complex challenge.  She is an amateur designer with a restless mind who loves to explore.  A keen student of urbanism and public space, Janet appreciates the seaside parks in the Vancouver neighborhood where she and partner Ross Gilchrist make their home.

Jason Lewis

Learning Leader and Executive Coach

Jason Lewis is a rare specimen in business or the arts: a truly whole-brain leader. He is equally at ease with both the conceptual and creative development that is essential to human performance. As facilitator and coach, he brings sharp intelligence, quick humour, and strategic spontaneity. The effect is both energizing and disarming. Given Jason’s purpose to enable talented people to change the behaviours that impede their talent, this is a highly effective combination.

Jason has served as a long-form change management consultant in the energy, pharmaceutical, and military sectors; clients include Cenovus, ConocoPhillips, and Suncor. Improv theatre is his leadership lab – he trained at Second City; acted onstage in hundreds of improv performances; cofounded the Kinkonauts in 2007; and applies theatrical techniques in all his work with leaders and corporations. Jason was educated in philosophy at Queens and leadership at Royal Rhodes. He is continually digesting the published perspectives on organizational development, and is widely certified in adult learning and instructional design.

As a seasoned improvisational performer with a generous presence, Jason will take whatever is offered and convert it to something of value. In his words, “I am skeptical of the reasons people think they will fail.” A doting dad who is nurturing his improv troupe to greatness, he appreciates the creative commons in urban Calgary, where he and partner Lareina Abbott make their home.

Brian Tate

Learning Leader / Performance Communication

Brian Tate knows that an artist’s job is to captivate you, for however long he has asked for your attention. As a workshop leader, choral director, or performing musician, Brian is a singular front-of-the-room presence who loves to captivate an audience. As a learning leader, he empowers, equips, and motivates corporate leaders to reach for the same high standard – captivating communication.

Music is Brian’s leadership lab – his talents include singing and drumming; choral conducting and performing; musical theatre; composing music for film, stage, and the concert hall; speaking and teaching. He is an internationally-respected choral director, widely invited to guest appearances across North America and beyond. Brian has twice received the Jessie Richardson Award for best original theatre music. His choral compositions and arrangements are broadly published and performed. He is co-founder and director of Vancouver’s City Soul Choir, and serves on the faculty at Studio 58, Langara College’s professional theatre school.

In Brian’s work with corporate leaders, his message is direct: “all intentional communication is a form of theatre.” He builds the elements of exceptional performance (presence, creativity, intuition, improvisation, collaboration) as he teaches the tools of the trade (voice, language, movement, gesture). For leaders, the result is often transformational. A devoted Vancouverite who loves to roam, Brian appreciates the dog-friendly neighbourhood where he and partner Patricia make their home.