Pivotal leaders need many of the same skills, tools, and capabilities in any enterprise. This suite of programs is a good place from which to customize. These programs work sequentially, and they stand alone. All are two-day learning experiences, led by two-person learning leader teams, focused on current business realities. This is a sample of the programming we offer.

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Perform Next™

builds the crucial leadership fundamentals: presence, coaching, feedback, difficult conversations, conflict, and accountability. Presence is a foundational leadership quality that must be recognized. Individual and team results will not be maximized without coaching and feedback; skill with difficult conversations; and the capacity to create a culture of accountability. In this program, leaders at every level of the enterprise learn to build a leadership practice, whatever the day-to-day. This is essential to talent development, retention, and contribution.

The Perform Next™ toolbox is, in effect, a new leadership operating system, equally relevant for front line managers and senior executives. It spreads through the enterprise and becomes self-sustaining. The tools are readily applied in one-on-one and team leadership, generating early wins and enhanced confidence. Regular practice initiates culture shift, building performance and results.

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Continuous Value Creation™

shifts leader focus from the individual contributor to the bigger picture of team or enterprise. Over two days, leaders learn a specific, applied process for renewing a team or business unit by focusing on new value creation. The process is divided into the four stages of Envisioning, which are primarily conceptual (futuring, sensing, creating, designing) and the four stages of Executing, which are more tactical (animating, aligning, action, leading). The focus is neither planning nor strategy, but creating new value – for customers or the enterprise.

This learning experience is a perfect opportunity for real-time live case study, customized to the key issues at play in the organization. The process of vision-to-action builds strategic thinking skill and brings forward creativity, developing the whole brain leader. Co-creating builds leader alignment and the capacity to collaborate. Participants come to understand the role and power of story. The process is applied and transferable, whatever the team size or function.

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Design Next: Your Personal Leadership™

focuses on the individual at a deeper level, building self-mastery, the first Essential Element of Leadership™. Participants are led through a six-step process to become purposeful about their own leadership journeys: envision the preferred future, take stock of current realities, stimulate creative thinking, identify supports and alignment, deploy the power of story, and action plan for the next 1000 days. This program is also a great place to debrief the results of a 360° leader feedback process.

Reflection and design make it possible to step into the leadership future with intention. What does the enterprise need? What do I want as a leader? The closer the alignment, the greater will be the success for individual and enterprise. The result may be a change in direction or deployment; this work accelerates the process of getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. The enterprise maximizes resources, creates meaning, and gets more closely connected to its leaders. Leaders experience renewal, the release of roadblocks, motivation and momentum. This work applies at all levels of leadership – emerging, experienced, and seasoned.

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Collaboration & Innovation

takes leaders to a more sophisticated level of thinking and doing. The program incorporates intense creative process and simulation, custom-designed for the enterprise culture and the business challenges at hand. Improv theatre, jazz music, and team percussion are all highly effective modalities for understanding collaboration. Competitive team, game simulation is an excellent means for understanding innovation. Whatever the modality, participants experience, sense-make, learn new models, and then apply it all in current, real-life case study. The result is deeply embodied learning and behaviour change.

Any leader who undertakes to solve complex problems or create new value is stronger when skilled in collaboration. Innovation is the gold standard sought by every enterprise, and the lifeblood of continuous renewal. There is art and science in both. Success relies on strong process, systematically applied, and on leaders skilled in the fundamentals. This program, in sequence with the fundamentals of Perform Next™, makes a real difference.

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Story & Voice

is a highly-participatory, small-group workshop which delves deeply into leadership presence, influence, and impact. The capacity to engage others, authentically and unreservedly, is the hallmark of leadership success. Story engages hearts and minds; it is the primary tool in any change management process. Using theatre techniques, advanced front-of-the-room practice, highly individualized coaching, and group feedback, leaders experience the stretch and the impact in showing up big.

One of the goals is captivating leadership presence. Leaders build the elements of exceptional performance (presence, creativity, intuition, improvisation) while practicing with the tools of the performance trade (voice, language, movement, gesture). The result for individuals is often transformational. Practice presentations are drawn from real life – as always, our work is experiential and applied. This is a high-stakes, high-performance, deep impact learning experience.