Chari Smith

Learning Specialist

Chari is a design thinker about human problems who is interested how people and organizations move through stuckness into mobility. She is at ease with uncertainty and is skillful in moving beyond the obvious to find deeper and more interesting questions and solutions.

Deeply responsive to the situation or person she’s working with, Chari has an unusual way of actually seeing and hearing the patterns and questions behind the question. Authentic and engaging, Chari’s work with groups is deep and impactful as she holds complex problems with respect and diplomacy.

For more than 20 years, Chari has trained professionals to think and communicate more decisively and clearly at Wordsmith. Chari is a highly trained and skilled in the art and practice of Constellation work, a highly effective and dynamic systems mapping tool that understands, maps, and uncovers pathways to human problems.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Chari has lived in the Canadian West most of her life. She is in love with the human race and the possibilities for its future. She believes in change as a shared undertaking.