Andre Mamprin, Co-Founder

Leader, Knowledge Architecture

Andre Mamprin is a bold architect of leadership learning, and he loves to distill big ideas. He is a visual thinker who will always see the pattern; his ability to sketch a decision as it unfolds has brought immediate clarity to hundreds of senior leaders. Smart, experienced, and charming, Andre is highly persuasive as he names the elephant in the room.

For five years, Andre was the Director of Leadership Development at The Banff Centre, where he renewed the entire suite of programming, developed a wide range of industry clients, and co-created The Leadership Lab™ to explore global leadership issues. Earlier in his career, Andre led a team of skilled consulting practitioners at the Business Development Bank of Canada. Diverse clients were consistently focused on growth, lean manufacturing, and export. Andre is a value creator whose natural state is entrepreneur – over the years he has developed, operated, and sold businesses in oil and gas, manufacturing, and the knowledge sector. An analytic who loves context and the bigger picture, he holds an MA in Leadership and Knowledge Management from the University of Calgary.

Stronger leaders make stronger organizations make a better world. For Andre, this is a matter of both personal and global urgency. He is an avid collector, intensely curious, and he makes the perfect martini. A seasoned traveler with a deep loyalty to place, Andre appreciates the rolling foothills in northwest Calgary, where he and partner Patricia make their home.