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A collection of proprietary tools, articles and books cultivated to support enterprising leaders as they learn, grow and navigate their own complex map of enterprise challenges.

Strategic Value Accelerator™

Every enterprise needs their strategy on a page. The continuous creation of value is the hallmark of all organizations.


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Essential Elements of Leadership™

Strong and effective leadership is the first place we look for results. If you can’t describe what great leadership looks like, you can’t build it. So this is our definition: the Essential Elements of Leadership™.


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Effective Decision Making™

A critical aspect of great leadership is making highly effective decisions. As the speed and intensity of business life and the complexity of leadership.


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Creating a Culture of Accountability™

A culture of accountability is not created by the boss (although every leader has a role to play) and it is not created by the senior team.


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Difficult Conversations™

The choice to step into a difficult conversation relies on the presence of two drivers.


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Innovation Design Methodology™

For successful innovation design, try this succinct algorithm.


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Entrophy: The Disruptive Forces Shaping Our Lives

FEBRUARY 4 / Andre N. Mamprin
Diminished attention, increased polarity, bias and the assault on truth and reason, combined with the acceleration of technology increasing the pace of automation, and surveillance capitalism, contribute greatly to the chaos we are witnessing in the world today.

Elevating the Remote Enterprise with a Virtual Leadership Ecosystem

AUGUST 12 / The NEXT Institute
All of The Next's leading practices are available for remote delivery through our immersive online learning and collaboration space. Acting as a virtual leadership ecosystem for our clients, our virtual learning space empowers enterprise leaders to tackle today's most complex challenges and accelerate the enterprise remotely.

The Next Learner Space™ - Enabling and Accelerating Tomorrow’s Leaders

JULY 8 / The NEXT Institute
We are proud to announce the creation of The Next Learner Space™ a collaboration between The Next Institute and The Learner Space. TNLS is dedicated to connecting and advancing the leadership practice of enterprising youth worldwide who are leaders in their communities.

Top 12 Books for Enterprising Leaders 

The following books are hand selected by the Next team with care to serve as a foundational library for enterprising leaders. 

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